HydroGel Smartshield Privacy Screen Protector – iPhone Range


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Hydrogel screen protectors have the advantage of resisting bubbles and fingerprints on the device screen while also providing optimum scratch protection. The screen protector repairs itself from harsh screen scratches and is perfect for curved screens. More durable than traditional tempered glass screen protectors. Hydrogel screen protectors don’t crack like tempered glass so their lifespan is far greater.  Cut to an optimum fit specifically for your device so you can be sure of a perfect, almost invisible fit. Add a smooth premium finish to your devices screen.

Hydrogel screen protectors are exceptionally clear and are designed to allow the maximum amount of light through them without distorting the colours on your screen. The Hydrogel coating is designed to be soft and flexible and have excellent transparency that doesn’t affect the quality of the screen to provide a crisp and clear image.

Additionally, the Hydrogel coating is manufactured from thermoplastic urethane film which unlike some screen protectors, does not yellow over time.

Provides great scratch and scuff protection without impeding functionality

Manufactured from 0.16mm thick non-yellowing thermoplastic urethane film, the Devia Hydrogel screen protector provides exceptional protection against scratches and scrapes whilst still allowing full, effective use of your touchscreen.

Hydrogel coating uses a special silicone glue that does not damage your screen, which results in fewer air bubbles and no residue upon removal.


Please use a bank card or something similar as a scratch card for application and to remove any bubbles before peeling off the last film.