Certified Pre-Owned iPhone 12 256GB- Purple

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Our Certified Pre-Owned range of phones are like new, come fully tested, unlocked to any network, 6 months warranty, verification report and model specific accessories. With our Certified Pre-Owned range of phones you can buy with piece of mind knowing all models undergo thorough testing and are of the best quality. With our 6 month warranty provided with all models in the rare event of an issue arriving don’t worry we’ll have you fully covered! With our verification report you can see the overall health of the phone and its total health score so you can be assured the phone is of immaculate condition.

Certified Pre-Owned vs Refurbished the Differences:

Our Certified Pre-Owned range of phones are NOT refurbished models. More of the phones original parts are found within, so the overall internal condition is much better than a refurbished model. Most of our certified Pre-Owned phones have had very little use and are like new both internally and externally.

Refurbished models use more generic aftermarket parts during refurbishment. Are not fully tested. The quality of work/parts used cannot be verified. Models origin is unknown. No warranty or verification report.